Access Forum Information

The Montgomeryshire Access Group, at their monthly meeting on the 12 March, were very pleased to be able to familiarise themselves with the new equipment purchased following the successful grant application to PAVO’s – Can Do Communities fund.

Although Su Pascoe, Disability Powys’ Access Officer, has been able to carry out detailed access audits in Montgomeryshire/Radnorshire using alternative methods – sticks, string and a tape measure, we have not until now been able to fully utilise our members in this aspect of our work. Having this specialist equipment will enable other members of the group to take an active role in this valuable aspect of our work.  A duplicate set of the equipment was also purchased for the Brecknockshire Access Group who have been active in access issues for many years in the South – we anticipate that this equipment will also be invaluable to their members in carrying out their audits more swiftly and easily.  In addition we were able to purchase 2 sets of simulation glasses (see a small selection in the picture). We have begun planning training opportunities for group members and would very much like to offer the training we develop to Powys Council staff especially those that we work closely with in the Planning and Building Regulations departments. This is a long term plan.  However, this equipment allows us the opportunity to fully utilise the experience of the Access Groups members.  Our thanks to PAVO for enabling these purchases to be made.