Funding from Welsh Government’s Advancing Equality Fund finished in August 2012, since that time Disability Powys have continued to employ a part time Access Officer who provides the following:

1)     Support disability groups

  • Provide appropriate information and support to, the existing disability and impairment specific groups in Powys,
  • Develop and facilitate appropriate new Disability groups in areas of Powys that do not have existing groups

2)     Ensure disabled people are involved, participate and engaged in strategic developments

  • Liaise with Statutory and Voluntary Sector Agencies to ensure full and valued involvement, participation and engagement of disabled people in appropriate strategic and policy developments
  • Support volunteers to attend partnership meeting representing the views of disabled people in Powys

3)     Provide access advice and information

  • Provide access audits
  • Liaising with the statutory and voluntary sector and the business sector to address any issues identified

The Officer, has formed an active Access Group in the North of the County and works closely with Brecknockshire Access Group in the South.  Volunters have been recruited and trained to participate in the partnerships thus providing a sustainable continuation of input and to provide support to the Access Officer in conducting Access Audits and Surveys.

The Officer is helping people to access service at different levels:

  • Physically improving access through working with and supporting local access groups and undertaking access audits.
  • Improving disabled peoples access to information
  • Improving disabled peoples access to participation on democratic partnerships to develop and enhance services

For further information please contact us via or 01597 824059